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Believing in smart ideas and branding experiences.
Good design is as less design as possible.

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We create concepts in an era of creative progress.

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Streamlining is key

From checkout to fulfillment, knowing

We've designed our office

And you are very welcome.

Getting Notice

  • Find Customers
  • Concept Brainstorm
  • Process Architecture
  • Design Strategy
  • Marketing

Drive Sales

  • Creative Process
  • Exploration
  • Field Research
  • Branding Strategy
  • Visual Identity


  • Concept Design
  • User Interfaces
  • User-Experience Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Wireframes


  • Frontend Development
  • Architecture
  • Backend Development
  • Process Engineering
  • Search Engines

We have a lot of happy clients

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Sharing the Journey

I owe a tremendous amount of my professional success to the knowledge shared by colleagues and customers. I have spent a better part of my life dedicated to a simple mission, build great products; but more importantly, build great products that get results.

I built my first ecommerce website twenty years ago! Back then, there were no off-the-shelf solutions - everything had to be written from scratch. I started Patchworks with a simple mission: Build and share tools that have proven to work by leveraging twenty years of experience. No coding required!

Matt Sears, Founder & CEO

CEO & Founder

I have spent a better part of my life dedicated to a simple mission: building great products. More importantly, building great products with great people that make customers happy.

Matt Sears


StaticPop is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Our cross-functional teams of strategists, developers, data engineers and designers bring over two decades of product development excellence.


We've harnessed decades of product development experience to ensure a measurable success. Using a long-view approach to design and development, we've come up with sold formula that pays dividends. Today, StaticPop is global technology company that specializes in intuitive user interfaces with solid engineering delivering modern digital products that last.

How We Do It

  • Best practices and attention to detail yield products that last.
  • Great experience is ultimately driven by listening to our customers.
  • Pragmatic strategy that anticipates change and ability to adapt quickly.
  • Being nice. We want and environment where we look forward to work everyday.
  • Being patient. Great products are built with time and care, not unrealistic deadlines.
  • We never outsource in-country entities to third parties, which keeps quality high and risk low for our customers.
  • Celebrate customer success stories.
  • All our products run in secure private clouds keeping data secure and encrypted.

Our Partners

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We'll be making our familiy of business available very soon.

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